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Charisma Interiors & Gifts Shop Nantwich

Charisma Interiors & Gifts Shop opened on 8th February 2016 at Unit 4 Crown Mew in Nantwich, however sadly closed on 10th August 2018, due to massive rent increase by landlord.

On a positive note, Charisma Interiors & Gifts will be opening ‘Pop-up Shop’ in Nantwich from 4th October 2018.

Charisma shop is filled with lots of pretty things, which are unique and hand-picked to cater for all occasions. Bespoke Interior design services runs side-by-side with the option to meet Dipti in person and discuss your home improvements projects.


4a Oat Market, Nantwich, CW5 5AL

Opening Times:

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10am to 5pm      

So how did Dipti’s journey begin with opening her shop?

It’s always been my dream to have my very own shop in a beautiful flourishing town.

I decided to take my own advice, even though very personal, it was also a practical project with very tight budget constraints and demanding high expectations. I too had to disseminate between needs and wants in order to satisfy budget, but still deliver on my dream. It’s not just about reaching your destination; the real achievement is often about managing the journey…

Charisma Interiors and Gifts didn’t just happen, it was created with hard toil and sometimes tears, from a treasured long held dream of owning my own shop. The opening of which, is just one milestone in an epic journey of discovering one’s self and realising what you can achieve with focused determination, resilience and constructive support from those with the experience to guide you…provided that is, you are willing to listen to both them and yourself, whilst being honest to your dream.

This is just one chapter in my evolving story, a chapter about having the courage and conviction in one’s own advice.

What are the design features?

Project brief was for a bespoke design to capture the functionality, personality and essence that are Charisma Interiors & Gifts…bold and imaginative, whilst satisfying strict budget constraints and delivering on time; specifically in time for Valentine’s Day. Time frame from concept design to opening…4 weeks! .... no pressure then!

The Exterior
Just as in life, no matter how beautiful and interesting one may be on the inside, it’s the exterior that first attracts, inviting you to get know one better. So too can this be said of the exterior shop front with the attention afforded to its fresh, crisp look and hand painted signage, penned by a skilled craftsman: evocative of a time when quality mattered and totally in character perpetuated throughout the Crown Mews.

The Interior
If money was no object then the approach would have been for a total “gut and refurb” but as in most scenarios and in this case, there was a strict budget. Hence, the design approach was no less imaginative but a little more challenging in identifying what could be salvaged from the existing facility and how best to re-invent it to satisfy the overall design intent and shop plan.
Furniture and shop fittings, hand built by professional tradesman to Charismas’ bespoke design oozing style and texture, were commissioned in order to maximise limited floor and wall space whilst paying careful consideration to people flow within this charming little boutique.

Bold and imaginative…nothing says this more than the focal statement piece of a truly stunning, crystal teardrop chandelier, emanating light into more secluded recesses, illuminating a multitude of unique, hand-picked gifts for your delectation.

Stunning feature wall paper provides a backdrop that subtly blends and compliments the ambience of this little gem of a shop, surpassed only by the welcome you will receive by Charisma Interiors & Gifts proud owner, Dipti.

Click here to see before and after images, as the saying goes; pictures speak a thousand words!!!