Nitrum Mercura Ultasonic Aroma Diffuser

March 2017

Decorative Glass Aroma Diffuser with Ambient Lighting to create a cool, scented & relaxing mist

Fragrance your home in style with the “Nitrum Mercura Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser from madebyzen”

The aroma diffusers are inspired by the beauty of pure, timeless and modern design and make a desirable and luxurious addition to your home.

The Nitrum Mercura is a stylish and elegant aroma diffuser.  It has a mottled silver glass dome shaped cover with an iridescent exterior.

Combining modern ultrasonic technology, warm ambient lighting and aromatherapy, it will create the perfect ambience whilst uplifting the mind, body and soul.

This innovative electrical room diffuser will slowly plume gorgeous scented mist into the air; simply pour in water while adding a few drops of infusion oil to the mix. It’ll instantly start bubbling; creating a sensual mist effect that will diffuse into the air, keeping it clean and fresh.

-  Dimensions: 13x14cm
-  Power Consumption: 12W
-  Water Load (ml)/ Approx.
  Running Time: 60ml/3.5-4hours
-  Auto shut-off, Rich LED lights, Mini humidifier, Sleep mode
  (use the Aroma Diffuser without light)
-  No heat and no flame aroma diffusion: no harmful smoke or degradation of essential oils

Fabulous gift, pure indulgence at affordable price.