Making the Most of Hallways & Entrances

June 2011

How do you feel when you walk through your front door?  Although our hallways and entrances are simply a route to other rooms, a bit of careful thought can give you that ‘feel good’ factor every time you come home, and create a warm welcome for your guests.

Here’s our guide to creating a hallway and entrance which works for your home and lifestyle.

  • De-clutter your entrance.  If you have to store coats, shoes and umbrellas invest in some good quality hooks and racks so that everything can be stored tidily.  If you’ve got room, invest in some good quality furniture to store your belongings.
  • Fresh flowers are an instant mood lift. Try to create space for a vase – shop around for compact furniture specifically designed for hallways.
  • Keep it practical. Think carefully about your flooring – laminate or wood are good choices as they’re easy to clean.  If you choose carpet, invest in a good quality mat in a complimentary colour or material.
  • If you have children, use a wall paint that wipes clean.  Inevitably there will be dirty handprints where children lean against the wall to remove shoes.
  • Make the best use of light.  If you have little natural daylight, don’t choose a dark, heavy colour for your walls.
  • Use mirrors, paintings, framed photos or wall art to introduce colour and texture.
  • Your entire hallway area (upstairs and down) should be considered as one room. Co-ordinate your colour scheme and accessories for a more impactful look.