How a Professional Interior Designer Can Add Value To Your Property

July 2017

Planning, Design, Bespoke features, Coordinated colours, Luxury furnishings and add Extra rooms.

Enhance your home with better space planning, coordinated colour scheme, bespoke stylish decorating features and effective furniture placement…

 It’s all about having a detailed plan of what you want from the onset and then working through it, step-by-step; your ‘wish list’ or “requirements”. Just as your house needs a solid foundation upon, which it was built, so too does your design of its interior, if it’s to support your requirements.

 A good design will not only save you money from a wrong decision made from erroneous light fittings or a poor choice of flooring for example, but will add value and excellence to your home by getting it right first time.

 As the saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’, well this is so true when it comes to home furnishings but it’s also worth reminding oneself that it also needs to be “fit for purpose”. It may be worth spending the extra money to get a superior and unique finish, which may last longer and give you the ‘wow factor’ but only as long as it satisfies your requirements and budget too.

 The clever use of colour will always add value to your property. The wrong colour can decrease value. Which colour and where you use it has such an impact. Spend time and effort into selecting the right colours for the right places to match mood and intended use. This applies to lighting too, as colour and lighting need to be considered as a partnership when creating the desired ambience.

 By opening up rooms like kitchen/dining room, bedroom with en-suite or living room for example, you can create a whole new atmosphere with its own, unique character, welcoming and bright, which in turn adds more value as well as greater enjoyment of the space created.

 Adding an extra room such as a bedroom or bathroom can always increase a properties valuation price, but it’s the well-designed, highest specification, tastefully decorated property that will reach optimal value and stand out from the rivals.

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