Create Spa Bathroom Design for your Home

January 2018

With our modern busy lifestyle, it’s not surprising more and more people want their bathroom to feel like oasis spa.  To create the feeling of total peace and relaxation of a retreat consider an oversized bath that you can soak and unwind, mood lighting, all-one-colour tiles, and earthy tones with simple and minimalist accents.

So lets’ see how we can create this wonderful space:-

  • Floor to ceiling tiles; choose tile and back splash with geometric shapes to add interest, or metal tiles to add a sparkling, shimmering metallic display to your bathroom, which instantly adding character and depth.
  • Stunning lighting is a critical part of the design, whether its luxurious chandelier or wall mounted lamps with square shade to recreate the glamorous atmosphere of chic boutique hotels in your home; lighting needs to be careful planned out. Don’t forget to use some scented candles to create relaxing ambience.
  • Arrange framed geometric shaped mirrors on bathroom wall or for more dramatic look, use large floor to ceiling mirror to add depth by making the room look bigger.
  • Introduce freestanding bathtub (claw foot tubs, copper or other antique vessels, so many options to choice from); use it as your focal point in open space to radiate abundance. 
  • Adding a touch of greenery in your bathroom to keep connection between the indoors and outdoors plus this will also add colour.
  • Paint the walls in different shades of grey to create an atmosphere of serenity and elegance or crisp white walls with dark grey accents to add character but also a clean calm feeling.
  • A spa bathroom can add value to a home, but make sure you consider the return on investment of anything you add to your home carefully.